Brexit what i read…. cosa leggo oggi.

Ok cominciamo “Brexit, porte chiuse agli europei: “Entra solo chi ha un lavoro qualificato e parla inglese”
Scheda Una ‘quota 70′” viene da queesto articolo su Brexit
This time i will write in english and i will then translate for UK readers. “Brexit: closed doors to EU. Only people fully qualified in job and fluently english speaker could get in and live over there”.
In two words it means that you should speak a fluent english (A,A+,A++) but not only you should be have or move with a very “good job” that make you have in income that generally is over the average or the middle-class that people can have even being born in UK.

At this point i hope my english is so bad in order that be not be accepted by Uk because at least even with my grammar mistakes i can say almost everything i want i’m not under examination 🙂

On top of this we will be required to have a passport within 1 year, obviously that’s not a big issue for honest people living in EU.

Well to be honest since i followed this “idea” of Brexit i became shocked. It seems to me some idea of some drunk or drugged close circle of people because since decades UK economy was driven by a lot of a moltitude of races and people coming from different countries.

Who will cook the hamburgers for londoners if not the indians, italians, turkish and many other people coming frome other countries? Who?

Well it is a long and tricky discussion but the inner means is that now the want only the “perfection”, doctors,managers,and few other categories.
Well people forgot that living in UK is very expansive there is no healthcare till you won’t pay for some insurance, rents are expansive, pound is not on the market as “appetible” and i guess after Brexit it will less more valuable on the market.
It means for Italians that even if you earn 3000 Euro or even 5000 including all the expenses you will earn a little bit more than in other countries.
Would you think it worths for someone that has to relocate, leave frienda, family and for what for a country that do not accept you but just delcare pubblically that give you the right to put your feet over that land only because you’re fully qualified?

To be honest i don’t give a shit. I went to UK, i lived in Ireland and i never felt confortable…and now even discrimination?
No thanks! I won’t anymore go to UK neither for a vacation.

What i truly do not i understand is this kinda of “masochism”. Jesus UK is not China, is not US and to be honest i don’t have nothing to think about UK about goood Angus Steaks.
What UK export? Does they have petrol in a huge quantity? Does they have any minerary source that other counties do not have?
They do not have the economical power they had during “colonization” …in the end they are simply an island in the Atlantic Ocean what more about UK economically speaking?

This Brexit will lead them to an economical insulation…EU is stupid but taxes for import and exporto will improve and i guess who’s loosing will be the UK.

I’m not e geopolitical analyst but i don’t think what they are doing is the right thing for UK people in a mid/long point of view.

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